~ Spiritual Transitions for Sacred Traditions ~

London, Ontario




My name is Vanessa Skinner, having had 9 homebirths personally and attending over 80 home, hospital and unassisted births, I am still very passionately called to serve in the birth community.  When I started Spiritual Birth 12 yrs ago, I was a traditional midwives assistant but since that time I have transitioned to offering doula care, prenatal yoga, pregnancy massage, placenta encapsulation and childbirth education. I've trained and certified through many organizations and agencies over the years and have learned to incorporate several of my own intuitive modalities in my doula care. I don't offer cookie-cutter support because every birthing woman is unique and every birth story is different. I've opened up my home for mamas to birth, met mamas in hotel rooms to birth, supported women through organizations in Haiti and privately in the U.S.A and Canada. I have been assisting and attending births for over 20 yrs and now I am starting my daughters on the glorious path of cooking and caring for growing families in the community.  Thank you for supporting my calling and passion. Serving Southern Ontario and area.

 I could talk and listen to birth stories all day long. Every birth I attend I am reminded that God is never far away.




Phone: 226-700-7678

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