Herbal/Milk Baths

  • Herbal baths can be  powerful healing and bonding oppurtnities with mother and baby. Nursing lifestyle photos are also incorporated in this session. Herbs and milk for the bath are provided.

  • This session takes place in the home. 20-30 images.

  • $300 you provide the flowers. An additional $50 for me to provide them.




The Birth Story

  • I capture your story as it unfolds through stills and video from the waves of labor to the sweet first sound of your baby's cry to your eyes looking at each other for the first time.

  • On call 24/7 for 4 weeks surrounding your due date.

  • Complete coverage of the birth and for 2 hrs after. 50-150 edited birth photos full color and B&W. Digital download ready for print.

  • $650 Photography 

  • $ $900 Photography + Videography

  • 10% discount if pd. in full or $300 deposit $150 monthly till pd. in full.  

  • $50 credit to be used for herbal bath session






















Lifestyle Session

  • The perfect option for those couples who prefer a private birth experience but still seek to have those first moments with baby captured.

  • This session takes place within the first few weeks of baby's birth-day. 30-50 images

  • $450